Watch with me - Erik Varden

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Watch with me - the provocation of Easter
by Erik Varden
Translation: Alva Dahl
Cover and graphic form: Tomas Einarsson
Silentium 2022
Wire-stitched hardcover with dust jacket

"Easter allows us to sense a meaning, explanatory but unsentimental, in the face of our own tears and the world's tears." In a series of reflections, day by day through the quiet week when the covid pandemic held the world in its grip, Erik Varden explains in this book the Easter mystery that is the foundation of the Christian's existence. The book's subtitle suggests how Easter provokes us, out of narrow-mindedness and comfort, into wisdom and divine life.

Erik Varden is a Trappist monk and Catholic bishop of Trondheim. His well-known book All that is worth remembering was published at Silentium in 2019. Since 2019, he has been a columnist in the magazine Pilgrim.