The mirror of the soul - Peter Halldorf

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The mirror of the soul - Finding your voice in the Psalms
Silentium writings 2021.
Cover & graphic design: Tomas Einarsson
Printing & wire stapling: Exakta, Malmö 2021

All over the world, Christians continue to listen daily to the words of the Psalms and make them a prayer. How can these often hard-to-digest texts, where thanksgiving and jubilant praise are mixed with bitter lamentation and deep-seated roars, constitute "words of wisdom" that allow me to "decipher my riddle at the sound of the lyre"?

The mirror of the soul is a book about how we can find our own voice in the Psalms. Here, Peter Halldorf gives guidance on how we can bring our lives into the psalms so that the Psalms become a meeting place with God and ourselves.