Silver and Fire

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"Marie Tonkin brings - as I read her - poets from our modern literary golden age, Gullberg, Vennberg, Aspenström, Kjell Espmark, in addition to the desert mothers and many others, in her caravan, without betraying herself and her beautiful seriousness. As in a company of interlocutors. She writes poetry that explores, loves and prays."
- Ylva Eggehorn in the magazine Pilgrim

"This is poetry that is liturgy, in the deepest sense of the word."
- Christian Braw in the Church Newspaper

Silver and fire is Marie Tonkin's second collection of poems. She debuted as a poet in Bonnier's Litterära Magasin in 1997 at the age of thirteen and has since published poems, short stories and essays in cultural magazines. In 2000, she won the Lilla August prize. Her first book of poems, Pyramids in paradise (2012), published in three languages ​​in one volume – Swedish, English and Arabic. In 2019, the title was published Via Dolorosa, a collection of crossroads meditations (EKiBS publishing house). Marie Tonkin belongs to the editorial staff of the magazine Pilgrim, where she also contributes as a regular writer.