Paradise XV - On humility

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Paradise XV - On humility
Ed. Britt Dahlman and Per Rönnegård
Translation: Johannesakademin's translation seminar
Cover and graphic form: Tomas Einarsson
Wire-stitched softcover with tabs

In the series Silentium Apophthegmata, the language of thought from the fathers and mothers of the desert is published.

The thematically arranged collection of thought languages ​​is published under the name Paradiset, which is the most widespread in the West. The languages ​​of thought, like other collections of stories about saints, were often called the garden or paradise in early Christian tradition, and in Syriac and Coptic tradition the languages ​​of thought are still known today as "the garden of the monks".

The edition is bilingual with the original Greek text and a parallel Swedish translation. From before, there is a selection of thought languages ​​from the Greek alphabetic collection in translation by Per Beskow, The Thought Language of the Desert Fathers . Most of the thinking languages ​​in Paradiset have not previously been translated into Swedish.