With eternal love (new edition) - Peter Halldorf

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Peter Halldorf
Daily reading
Paperback 390 pages
Cover & graphic design: Tomas Einarsson

With eternal love
, a book for daily reading for a whole year by Peter Halldorf, has now arrived in its fourth printing, this time in large paperback.

The book's considerations follow the church year and have been recorded in association with the Bible and the Christian tradition. The author writes in the preface:

"Each church year is a turn around Christ. The adherence to the different times of the year encourages us to remain close to Jesus during the vicissitudes of life, all so that the life of Christ may become our life. The spiritual reading has precisely this purpose. We do not read to have read, but to read. We read to meet the Word behind the words. Reading shapes faith. The reader becomes an idle ear."