The vast ocean of the dawn. Psalms - songs

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Joseph Halldorf (text), Ingunn Ligaarden (music)
Booklet 40 pages
Cover & graphic design: Tomas Einarsson
Cover image: Robert Svensson, "Waiting in silence".
Cover photo: Zandra Erikshed.

17 newly written hymns and songs with text by Joseph Halldorf and music by Ingunn Ligaarden. Notes with melody and chords.

Several of the songs are available in arrangements for choir, and can then be ordered at

From the foreword by Liselotte J Andersson:

When I listened and read, I wandered in an unknown landscape, yet I feel at home. It is something that gives a good recognition. What is it? I think I hear an echo from the Psalms: The walk between darkness and light, testimony from an "I" and calls to a "you". Under and above everything there is an eternal "You".

That there is an echo from the Psalms is probably related to the fact that these songs were born in an environment of prayer where the Psalms form the very backbone. … These are songs for believers and seekers alike. The silence is a help to the seeker and it is between the lines.