Biblo's Psalmon/Today is the day of salvation - Fjärstedt/Halldorf

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The book contains two texts that originally constituted lectures for the Ecumenical Community in Bjärka-Säby: on the Psalter and on the Eucharistic service.

"The church's spiritual herb garden" Bishop Biörn Fjärstedt calls the Psalter, and shows why the psalms have played such an essential role in the church's common prayer ever since the earliest Christian period. Here, both those who are on the way to discover the tidegärd, and those who have used this form of prayer for many years, receive guidance on how the psalms can be interpreted and prayed. The author lets us guess how in the Psalms we can hear the Son's voice in conversation with the Father.

In the second part of the book, Peter Halldorf writes about the service as a living memory. What does it mean when the early Christians speak of "celebrating the mysteries" in their worship? In the celebration of the Eucharist, the words "Do this in remembrance of me" are repeated. But how can the memory of Christ give us a share in his mysteries? The author shows how the church's worship involves a transcendence of time and space, which both makes us contemporary with what has been - and with what has not yet happened! In the "today" of the liturgy, the day has already arrived when God is all in all.

Wire bound with sprung pages.
Number of pages: 32
Release year: 2009