The Way of Mercy - Pope Francis

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The path of mercy
by Pope Francis
Selection and translation: Joseph Halldorf
Foreword: Anders Arborelius
Silentium writings, Little series no. 15
Wire bound with unspread pages
Number of pages: 110

Pope Francis has raised the hope of many that the church can also in our time be faithful to the gospel's call to extend the hand of mercy to the needy and distressed. With his words that he wishes to see "a poor church for the poor" and a church that is "a field-sick house for the wounded", he makes it clear that the church's path cannot be any other than the path of Jesus - he who "renounced everything and took the form of a servant when he became like one of us”. Time and again, Pope Francis emphasizes that the Church, like the individual, must turn away from the path that leads away from the Gospel and listen to the call to go against the current - in poverty, self-giving and mercy. With his gift of giving expression to the path of mercy in word and deed, he has caused many, both inside and outside the church, to stop and listen anew to the heart that continues to beat in the Gospels.

In that edition of Silentium's small series, there is a selection from Pope Francis' guidance on tirelessly, and with joy, choosing to walk the path of mercy. The texts consist of sermons given in church services and are marked by Francis' characteristic style. The two closing chapters of the book are addressed in a special way to priests and pastors, but can be safely read by anyone who has a longing to let the words and lifestyle of Jesus shape their lives: "You shall love one another as I have loved you .”