The Shattering of Loneliness: On Christian Remembrance. (paperback edition) - Erik Varden

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All that is worth remembering

by Erik Varden
Translation: Alva Dahl
Cover & graphic design: Tomas Einarsson
Cover image: Arcabas, Les Pèlerins d'Emmaüs
The original English edition published in 2018 by Bloomsbury Publishing.

No voice is more treacherous than the one that whispers in our ear: "You are helplessly alone, no light will penetrate your darkness." The Christian faith challenges that voice and asserts that the ultimate reality, the source of all that exists, is a personal experience of community.

When Erik Varden guides us out of our loneliness, he shows how the Bible is a book that lets us remember who we are, where we come from, where we are going. By adding literature, art and music to the biblical stories, he explores different facets of memory.

All that is worth remembering is a theological essay that invites deep reflection on what it is to be human.

From international press:
"A book that intelligently renews the language and genre of spiritual literature." - La Croix

"Arouses deep and unexpected insights... Like the memory of a meaningful conversation long after you've forgotten what was said. It's unforgettable."
- Catholic World Report

"An extraordinarily significant book, which sees with prophetic clarity the division, frailty and greatness of the human."
Times Literary Supplement

"Deeply personal but never self-absorbed, at once captivating and challenging, uplifting and compelling. The richness of this extraordinary book is impossible to express in a few words. No reader will remain unchanged."
- The Tablet

From the Swedish press:

"Erik Varden describes the beauty of faith in a way that makes me think: Why doesn't everyone want this? The author dares both to be personal and to tackle the difficult questions, and despite the small scope of the book, he manages to go deep."
- Malina Abrahamsson, Dagen

"Erik Varden has the rather rare ability to be able to convey great learning and deep spiritual insights in a simple way, without it being simplified. He is also wise enough not to get lost in overly abstract reasoning, but constantly exemplify with concrete stories ."
- John Sjögren, Pilgrim Magazine

"So insightful! So inviting! So ground-breaking in our secular situation! ... Reading Varden's book gave me a similar experience to reading Thomas Merton's classic 'The Way to Contemplation' as a theology student."
- Sune Fahlgren, Broadcaster