All the birds of the sky have fled - Peter Halldorf

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All the birds of the sky have fled
by Peter Halldorf
Paperback with Tabs and Linen Thread Binding (3rd Edition)
Number of pages: 800
Release year: 2017
Cover image: Bertil Almlöf
Cover and graphic form: Tomas Einarsson
Publisher: Artos

"This book is an attempt to read one of the ancient prophets, not only in his time but also in the unbridled and complex time that is ours. Jeremiah's life is like a cry in the night. It is in this persistent darkness that the prophet's life and ours meet. He is the brother who stands by our side. His poetry is lively, personal, and contains great concreteness. It is a cry that rises from our sorrow. Jeremiah teaches us to read poetry as prayer and prayer as poetry . During the reading - and the prayer - it may appear that all the centuries that lie between us and Jeremiah dissolve. And we contemporaries of the prophet from Anathoth." - from the author's foreword

"I have never read a book that touched me so deeply" - Sigfrid Deminger

"A magnificent story. Here lies madness and hope and an almond tree reminiscent of vigil" - Sofia Camnerin

"Loving, lively and pious, and at the same time a research effort of rank" - Maria Küchen

"Rarely have 800 pages been as captivating and easy to read. Moreover, prophetic in themselves" - Pekka Mellergård