21 Church Fathers - Peter Halldorf

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21 Church Fathers - The story of how Christianity was formed
by Peter Halldorf
Cover and graphic design: Tomas Einarsson
Silentium writings 2022 ( Paperback edition)

If we want to understand why Christianity looks the way it does today, we have to turn to the Church Fathers. In this book they appear before our eyes as the intensely living persons they were. Passionately devoted to their faith, they pose questions to a society and a church that is struggling with its identity. In Peter Halldorf's book, early Christian history also becomes stories that examine our own times.

21 Church Fathers was first published in 2000, and is now being reissued in paperback with a newly written foreword by the author.

Peter Halldorf is editor of the journal Pilgrim and one of the founders of the Ecumenical Community in Bjärka-Säby.